Dear Men,

Get a head start on trends that are on the global fashion radar and discover your style statement for every period throughout the year. Here is our edit of all the big summer trends and styles that need space in your wardrobe.


Light-colored half sleeve shirts

 Practically speaking, half sleeve shirts are a perfect offer for warm days. Not only do they have a very casual vibe which is perfect for summer but they’ve recently resurfaced to the top of summer charts after a long time and are very much in-trend. 

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Keep the colors light and don’t absorb too much heat. Popular choices include whites and pastels. If you don’t want to stick to solids, a striped pattern or informal checks can also work.

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Pair it up with denim, chinos, or shorts depending on what you want to do that day!


Bowling shirts

Boxy and complete with spread camp collars, this season’s short-sleeved bowling shirts are at the top of our list. 

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The bowling shirt, also referred to as a camp shirt or lounge shirt, was an important part of the men’s retro fashion back in the 90’s and is making a resurgence again for its versatility and style.

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Halfway between casual and formal, it’s a utility piece that can be used in many different situations. It goes well with a pair of jeans or trousers.

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Oversized Dress shirts

This one is a bit controversial and not mainstream. Unlike the properly fitted dress shirts which are the standard, a trend that we’ve observed is sizing up your dress shirt one or two sizes larger. 

source: Etro

The bigger you wear the trendier you look (until a certain point of course). Although this approach is unconventional, it doesn’t mean you can abandon all other principles of fashion.

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To pull this off, you still need to pick the right colors and match it up with the right set of bottoms. In our opinion, this shirt is best styled with sneakers.


Light-colored polos

 Coming back to the mainstream, Polos are a wardrobe essential. Polos are not only comfortable but also versatile. 

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You can wear it by itself for a casual look or under a jacket for semi-formal occasions. It can be paired with every kind of bottoms, be it trousers or denim or shorts.

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The colors you want for summer are off-white, beige, shades of blue, and other pastel shades.



Traditionally, shorts haven’t been a prominent part of the men’s wardrobe aside from wearing it to the beach or tennis court. Bermuda Shorts and Chino Shorts are perfect for weekends in the high summer. 

Source: 24S

In terms of material, cotton or linen are the popular choices for the summer. As far as colors go, keep it light and opt for some lighter blues, off whites, beige, yellows, or greens.

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Shorts are made for warm weather, therefore, avoid black, charcoal, and most other dark colors during this season.



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Once criticized as the least fashionable item in men’s fashion, Vests are finally a viable clothing item for summers.

Being in a tropical country, wear your vest under something, such as a contrasting overshirt (only when it’s cool enough). Selecting a vest with the right fabric and texture is a great way to make your outfit stand out.


Source: Matches Fashion


You can wear it to a beach party or on vacation with your friends!


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– Shrutee, Your Stylist