Dear Men,

Prints just got a whole lot more interesting. It’s all about prints now: abstract, quirky and classy. With all of its different variations, a printed shirt is without a doubt the most versatile article in a man’s wardrobe. Make space and welcome these fan favorites from the Puntastic collection to your wardrobe. Advance to your ultimate sophisticated self with our styling cues and these creative designs. 



High jack that perfect airport look! This shirt is for those who dream high. A printed shirt is an essential for the modern gentleman. 

How to Style: It looks best when paired with black chinos. Safe yet Trendy, it nails those first impressions when styled with a wristwatch and a pair of white sneakers. If you want to really stand out, pair the shirt with brown or olive green chinos and black oxfords. Another alternative is to pair it with blue jeans along with brown brogues for your casual Fridays.



Quirky prints are for your long weekends! Pier pressure is a shirt that speaks for itself. Not too loud but not too dull either which makes it perfect for the workplace and casual settings alike.

How to Style: Level up your casual style game by matching it with blue jeans and white sneakers. For something more office appropriate, combine it with black or dark blue chinos. Complete the look with a metallic watch and tan leather wingtips (and a tan leather belt of course). If you’re feeling particularly experimentative, try a pair of khaki or grey chinos and see if that works better for you.



Prints on stripes, set the runway ablaze! Flaming Amigo comes with a twist to the classic striped shirt. This is a favorite among men who are constantly keeping up with the trend.

How to Style: The shirt looks best when paired with navy denim and white sneakers. For a more lively look, opt for khaki chinos and you’re already standing out from the crowd! Don’t forget to roll up your sleeves and accessorize with a wristwatch and black oxfords.



Rekt Angles are always out of shape but always in trend! A bold print for those who dare to wear it. This shirt attracts enough attention by itself so make sure to pair it with something plain to balance the look.

How to Style: If you’re heading to a party and want to keep it trendy, pair it with light colored stone chinos and tan leather wingtips. Don’t forget to match your belt with your shoes. For something a little more relaxed, try denim or blue chinos with white sneakers. Grab a pair of wayfarer’s to top it up.  Untuck, roll up the sleeves and be on your way!



Cooleidoscope, another one for the bold. Equal parts trendy and quirky, you’re guaranteed to turn heads with this one. Whether you’re spending time with your mates or just at home pondering about life while sipping on a cup of tea, this shirt is ideal for Saturday afternoons.

How to Style: Pair it up with black chinos and establish your style code. Put on a pair of loafers to compliment the look and accessorize with a wristband for a hyper casual vibe. Looking for something other than the chinos? No problem. Black and blue faded denim go well with the shirt as well. This versatile outfit lets you explore the world in style!


Advance to your ultimate sophisticated self with our styling cues and these creative designs.

– Aishwarya, Your Stylist