Dear Men,

Wondered how to look professional and be an eye candy at the same time? Wondered what to wear on a Friday morning keeping in mind you are grabbing a few drinks in the evening? Wondered how to look approachable and royal when you are sitting at the bar? Here is our to-do list:

1. Shirt

Let’s not even talk about t-shirts. If your office has a chill dress code, the best you can do wear solid polos when it come to non-shirts category. T-Shirts are boring unless you want to make a statement with what’s printed on top of it. Wear a contrast jacket if you really want to wear that t-shirt.

For a shirt, a subtle print, a trendy stripe, a standard solid based shirt should suffice. Wear something that is in between slim fit to relaxed fit if you do plan on having more of those drinks. You would not want your bloated tummy to pop-out by the end of the night.

Right before heading out to the bar, roll up your sleeves and look fresh! Don’t look too professional, also don’t look too shabby. Un-tuck your shirt if your shirt ends an inch above where the zipper ends.


Stick to something comfortable. Chinos and stretchable jeans will be good options. Tapered fit should be a preference as it’s easier on the thigh and does look stylish! Don’t make the mistake of picking the right shirt and having the look destroyed by a terrible selection of pants!

Fold up a bit of the bottom of your pants to create that slim look. This highlights your shoes as well!



You never know when you might have to show your dance moves. Don’t wear something that is tight and too professional. Also don’t wear sports shoes. Sports shoes are the easiest way to find yourself alone in a bar. DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE!

Laced up casual shoes or loafers should do the job.


Groom your self well. Look the part. Wash your face before heading out and chew some gum. Use a mild cologne, something that is not too strong but won’t go unnoticed. My preference is Davidoff Cool Water. Spray some on your wrists and a bit on your neck and your colleagues will definitely know you are the ALPHA MAN!