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Summer Style

Dear Men,

Get a head start on trends that are on the global fashion radar and discover your style statement for every period throughout the year. Here is our edit of all the big summer trends and styles that need space in your wardrobe.


Light-colored half sleeve shirts

 Practically speaking, half sleeve shirts are a perfect offer for warm days. Not only do they have a very casual vibe which is perfect for summer but they’ve recently resurfaced to the top of summer charts after a long time and are very much in-trend. 

Source: Pinterest

Keep the colors light and don’t absorb too much heat. Popular choices include whites and pastels. If you don’t want to stick to solids, a striped pattern or informal checks can also work.

Source: Pinterest

Pair it up with denim, chinos, or shorts depending on what you want to do that day!


Bowling shirts

Boxy and complete with spread camp collars, this season’s short-sleeved bowling shirts are at the top of our list. 

Source: Pinterest

The bowling shirt, also referred to as a camp shirt or lounge shirt, was an important part of the men’s retro fashion back in the 90’s and is making a resurgence again for its versatility and style.

Source: Pinterest

Halfway between casual and formal, it’s a utility piece that can be used in many different situations. It goes well with a pair of jeans or trousers.

Source: Pinterest


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Oversized Dress shirts

This one is a bit controversial and not mainstream. Unlike the properly fitted dress shirts which are the standard, a trend that we’ve observed is sizing up your dress shirt one or two sizes larger. 

source: Etro

The bigger you wear the trendier you look (until a certain point of course). Although this approach is unconventional, it doesn’t mean you can abandon all other principles of fashion.

Source: Pinterest

To pull this off, you still need to pick the right colors and match it up with the right set of bottoms. In our opinion, this shirt is best styled with sneakers.


Light-colored polos

 Coming back to the mainstream, Polos are a wardrobe essential. Polos are not only comfortable but also versatile. 

Source: Pinterest

You can wear it by itself for a casual look or under a jacket for semi-formal occasions. It can be paired with every kind of bottoms, be it trousers or denim or shorts.

Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest

The colors you want for summer are off-white, beige, shades of blue, and other pastel shades.



Traditionally, shorts haven’t been a prominent part of the men’s wardrobe aside from wearing it to the beach or tennis court. Bermuda Shorts and Chino Shorts are perfect for weekends in the high summer. 

Source: 24S

In terms of material, cotton or linen are the popular choices for the summer. As far as colors go, keep it light and opt for some lighter blues, off whites, beige, yellows, or greens.

Source: Pinterest

Shorts are made for warm weather, therefore, avoid black, charcoal, and most other dark colors during this season.



Source: Daniel w Fletcher

Once criticized as the least fashionable item in men’s fashion, Vests are finally a viable clothing item for summers.

Being in a tropical country, wear your vest under something, such as a contrasting overshirt (only when it’s cool enough). Selecting a vest with the right fabric and texture is a great way to make your outfit stand out.


Source: Matches Fashion


You can wear it to a beach party or on vacation with your friends!


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– Shrutee, Your Stylist


Take a Print

Dear Men,

Prints just got a whole lot more interesting. It’s all about prints now: abstract, quirky and classy. With all of its different variations, a printed shirt is without a doubt the most versatile article in a man’s wardrobe. Make space and welcome these fan favorites from the Puntastic collection to your wardrobe. Advance to your ultimate sophisticated self with our styling cues and these creative designs. 



High jack that perfect airport look! This shirt is for those who dream high. A printed shirt is an essential for the modern gentleman. 

How to Style: It looks best when paired with black chinos. Safe yet Trendy, it nails those first impressions when styled with a wristwatch and a pair of white sneakers. If you want to really stand out, pair the shirt with brown or olive green chinos and black oxfords. Another alternative is to pair it with blue jeans along with brown brogues for your casual Fridays.



Quirky prints are for your long weekends! Pier pressure is a shirt that speaks for itself. Not too loud but not too dull either which makes it perfect for the workplace and casual settings alike.

How to Style: Level up your casual style game by matching it with blue jeans and white sneakers. For something more office appropriate, combine it with black or dark blue chinos. Complete the look with a metallic watch and tan leather wingtips (and a tan leather belt of course). If you’re feeling particularly experimentative, try a pair of khaki or grey chinos and see if that works better for you.



Prints on stripes, set the runway ablaze! Flaming Amigo comes with a twist to the classic striped shirt. This is a favorite among men who are constantly keeping up with the trend.

How to Style: The shirt looks best when paired with navy denim and white sneakers. For a more lively look, opt for khaki chinos and you’re already standing out from the crowd! Don’t forget to roll up your sleeves and accessorize with a wristwatch and black oxfords.



Rekt Angles are always out of shape but always in trend! A bold print for those who dare to wear it. This shirt attracts enough attention by itself so make sure to pair it with something plain to balance the look.

How to Style: If you’re heading to a party and want to keep it trendy, pair it with light colored stone chinos and tan leather wingtips. Don’t forget to match your belt with your shoes. For something a little more relaxed, try denim or blue chinos with white sneakers. Grab a pair of wayfarer’s to top it up.  Untuck, roll up the sleeves and be on your way!



Cooleidoscope, another one for the bold. Equal parts trendy and quirky, you’re guaranteed to turn heads with this one. Whether you’re spending time with your mates or just at home pondering about life while sipping on a cup of tea, this shirt is ideal for Saturday afternoons.

How to Style: Pair it up with black chinos and establish your style code. Put on a pair of loafers to compliment the look and accessorize with a wristband for a hyper casual vibe. Looking for something other than the chinos? No problem. Black and blue faded denim go well with the shirt as well. This versatile outfit lets you explore the world in style!


Advance to your ultimate sophisticated self with our styling cues and these creative designs.

– Aishwarya, Your Stylist

Slay the Happy Hour Attire!

Dear Men,

Wondered how to look professional and be an eye candy at the same time? Wondered what to wear on a Friday morning keeping in mind you are grabbing a few drinks in the evening? Wondered how to look approachable and royal when you are sitting at the bar? Here is our to-do list:

1. Shirt

Let’s not even talk about t-shirts. If your office has a chill dress code, the best you can do wear solid polos when it come to non-shirts category. T-Shirts are boring unless you want to make a statement with what’s printed on top of it. Wear a contrast jacket if you really want to wear that t-shirt.

For a shirt, a subtle print, a trendy stripe, a standard solid based shirt should suffice. Wear something that is in between slim fit to relaxed fit if you do plan on having more of those drinks. You would not want your bloated tummy to pop-out by the end of the night.

Right before heading out to the bar, roll up your sleeves and look fresh! Don’t look too professional, also don’t look too shabby. Un-tuck your shirt if your shirt ends an inch above where the zipper ends.


Stick to something comfortable. Chinos and stretchable jeans will be good options. Tapered fit should be a preference as it’s easier on the thigh and does look stylish! Don’t make the mistake of picking the right shirt and having the look destroyed by a terrible selection of pants!

Fold up a bit of the bottom of your pants to create that slim look. This highlights your shoes as well!



You never know when you might have to show your dance moves. Don’t wear something that is tight and too professional. Also don’t wear sports shoes. Sports shoes are the easiest way to find yourself alone in a bar. DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE!

Laced up casual shoes or loafers should do the job.


Groom your self well. Look the part. Wash your face before heading out and chew some gum. Use a mild cologne, something that is not too strong but won’t go unnoticed. My preference is Davidoff Cool Water. Spray some on your wrists and a bit on your neck and your colleagues will definitely know you are the ALPHA MAN!


The Original Gentleman – Do’s & Don’ts

Dear men,

All of you, let me rephrase that almost all of you would like to address yourselves as ‘gentlemen’ but what does that word really stand for? We all paint a picture of young Leonardo Dicaprio in a well fitted suit talking sweet and opening doors for the ladies. Honestly, it’s so much more than just that. Here are some do’s and don’ts to check off your list of a real gentleman. Do you think you are one? Let’s find out.

Picture courtesy: Google Images


  1. Pay attention to detail. The width of your blazer and how it fits on your shoulders is important. The uniformity of folds on both your sleeves is important. The lining on your shirt is important. Accessorizing is important. Matching your shoes to your belt is important.
  2. Make an effort. Try new fashion trends or a new hobby. Adapt to situations and changes. Be fluid and go with the flow. Remember how you dress only makes the first impression but that has to be followed by a second,third and so on.
  3. Choose quality over quantity. This does not necessarily mean getting stuff off the runway. It simply means investing in limited number of good products that will last you a longer period of time over  a lot of cheaper products that will be worn out soon.

    Picture courtesy: Pinterest

  4. Polish your shoes. Yes we notice your formal shoes! A polished man never claims to be one, instead lets his shoes do the talking for him. Unless they’re from Golden Goose Deluxe Brand. Then you are forgiven (and loved).
  5. Have a personal sense of style. You don’t have to be a Barney Stinson and suit up all the time. However, you have to project yourself and your personality in your clothing and just own the look like it was made for you.

    Picture courtesy: Pinterest

  6. Hold the doors. Goes without saying! Perhaps you are not young Leo but an act of chivalry goes a long way and is a signature of a real gentleman.


  1. Show off. Biggest turn off. Nobody really cares about the brands you wear or the cars you drive unless they ask you about it. So keep the unnecessary information and just take it a notch down. Humility is a trait of every gentleman.
  2. Be loud and obnoxious. Whether it is the way you dress or the way you speak, the key is sophistication. Let your actions do the talking and don’t try too hard to be noticed.
  3. Stick to the status quo. Stand out, be opinionated and revolutionary. Go through a makeover every once in a while and give your wardrobe too. Be a breath of fresh air in the way you look, dress and carry yourself.

    Picture courtesy: Pinterest

  4. Let the figures define you. You might own the biggest international labels or custom made ensembles from designers across the globe but no limited edition merchandise can give you the confidence to carry off something that doesn’t define who you are. Don’t get blinded by the brand names because fashion is so much more than these names.
  5. Overlook the term personality. It is the most important characteristic and ultimately that’s all it comes down to. Be true to yourself and let your actions speak louder than words. Be courteous, classy and most importantly be yourself because when you shed other materialistic stuff, what remains of you still makes you a gentleman.

    Picture courtesy: Pinterest

  6. Post generic quotes off the internet and be the absolute opposite in real life. Just NO.

How many do’s and don’ts have you checked off? Let us know in the comment section! Until next time.

Picture courtesy: Google Images

-Your stylist.

Classy VS Trashy

Dear men,
Killing a look is easier than you think. I mean literally killing it. It’s very important to find the right balance between being stylish and trying too hard. You do not want to be the latter. Here are a few things that should be kept in check because there is a very fine line between being on board and being overboard.

1. Ripped jeans –
One of the most dapper trends of the season and a must have in everyone’s wardrobe. But how much is too much? The safest and classiest as the single knee rips. If you intend to add more rips to that, you might want to be extra extraaaaa careful.

Image source – Pinterest

2. Colored pants –
It’s always fun to try something new instead of sticking to the same old basics. However certain things are eternal in style for a reason. While you could add muted shades of reds, greens and even purples; bright colors like yellow, orange etc. are a big no no.

Image source – Pinterest

3. Tattoos –
Most people are of the belief that when they ink their skin, it signifies or stands for something. Even if it is just a style statement, they opt for sleeve tattoos but knowing where to draw the line in terms of the size and the design are very important. To an extent it also depends on one’s personality and their personal style on a regular basis.

Image source – Pinterest

4. Piercings –
Yes, Zayn Malik can pull off a nose ring and ear studs. In an ideal world, all men would look like Zayn Malik. Unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world and therefore not everyone can pull off what he does. It is great to be inspired by someone’s style but duplicating it is not a given so make your choices wisely.

Image source – Pinterest

5. Quirky prints –
Yet again, not everyone of you is a Ranveer Singh and guess what? You don’t have to be! It is very easy to go wrong with extremely quirky prints and even wearing two prints together. Unless you practice and fail miserably a few times, you will never master the art.

Image source – Pinterest

6. Accessorize –
It is a cherry on top to watch men accessorize because it shows how much of effort they’ve put into dressing up for a certain occasion. However, less is more. Wearing too many accessories or jewelry may not always fall in your favor.

Image source – Pinterest

7. Trends –
Keeping up with the latest trends is great but what looks good on a runway, might not look good in real life. Plus the runway is bound to be surreal. In the real world, following a trend like man skirts can be the hardest thing to do.

Image source – Pinterest

These are a few areas to keep in mind while experimenting and dressing up. Your clothing is a reflection of your attitude, mood and personality. Make sure it’s always classy and avoid the trashy. Until next time.

– Your stylist.

Wardrobe Essentials

Dear men,
Listed below are a few classics that you must add to your wardrobe and stick to them if you already do,they are absolutely essential in every man’s wardrobe.

1. Crisp white shirt-
It is mandatory to own a white shirt. It is literally the most classic and versatile piece of clothing that can be paired with everything from a pair of jeans to a tux.

Image source – Pinterest

2. Denims –
Denims in every form – ripped or washed, pants or shirts, scream fashion. In fact there’s nothing that completes a street style look the way a denim jacket does.

Image source – Pinterest

3. Formal shoes –
You could own Stan Smiths, NMDs, Superstars, Yeezys and even the limited edition Pharrel Williams, but they will never ever compete with a striking pair of oxfords or brogues.

Image source – Pinterest

4. Jackets –
Blazers, coats and jackets up your game so much more than a two piece outfit. They’re the best combination of comfort and style.

Image source – Pinterest

5. Polos –
A few solid polos in bright and dark colors never hurt anyone. From being paired to shorts and slippers for the beach to chinos and loafers for a business meeting, they seem to do their job very well.

Image source – Pinterest

6. Well-fitted pants –
Go bespoke every chance you get to but if you have to choose, always pick bespoke pants. Pants that fit perfectly are a luxury. They are rare and made especially for you.

Image source – Pinterest

7. Accessories –
A pair of sunglasses, ties, a watch, a yankee, maybe even cuff-links. All these little things make a big difference when you spot a well dressed man.

Image source – Pinterest

8. Suit –
And lastly, it goes without saying that if you want to be legendary, you have to suit up because is a man without a suit even a man?

Image source – Pinterest

So how many of these are in your wardrobe? Add the ones missing in your shopping cart! Stay tuned for more fun and a lot more fashion. Until next time.

– Your stylist.

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